What are Virtual CFO services?

Zabel’s virtual CFO services will digitally connect to your business with our qualified staff of certified Bookkeepers. One of the best features is the CFO’s ability to use the latest web technology at their disposal. In fact, our Virtual CFO will have all your meetings using web conferencing tools. This means that no matter where you are, your business will be able to improve its profitability and bankability, at a fraction of the cost. Zabel CFO services offer businesses robust financial controls, stabilized cash flows and increased profitability letting the owner get back to what’s important.

Here is an example of the typical services that would be provided.

Account Reconciliation:

Enter Checks, Deposits, and Automatic Withdrawals
Reconcile Bank Account (s)
Enter Credit Card Activity 
Reconcile Credit Card Account(s)
Reconcile Loan Accounts
Record/Verify Payroll
Update Fixed Asset Module
Print Financial Statements with PY Comparison
Review Financials
Fix Open Points (opt)
Update Tax Projection
Review Financial Statements 
Review Tax Projection
Print Financial Statements with PY Comparison to File Cabinet
Notify Client


Receive Payroll information 
Enter Hours (opt)
Prepare Payroll
Print Reports to File Cabinet
Review Payroll for Accuracy
Prepare 941
File 941
Prepare State Unemployment Tax Return
File State Unemployment Tax Return
Prepare State Income Tax Withheld Return
File State Income tax withheld return
Contact Client with amounts due
Put Payroll records into File Cabinet

Sales Tax:

Calculate Sales Tax owed
File Sales Tax Return
Print Sales Tax Confirmation
Notify Client of Amount due
Send Client Sales Tax Confirmation
Pull Sales Tax Confirmation into File Cabinet

Connect with us to learn more about how we can help your business succeed with Fractional CFO services: tzabel@zabelco.com

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