Zabel & Co., LLC Announces Michael Munson as New Partner 

Vadnais Heights, Minnesota (May 24, 2023) – Zabel & Co. is proud to announce that Michael Munson will be stepping up from his current role as a manager within our firm to taking on the responsibility as a new firm partner in 2023. In this partnership, Munson will be focusing on seeking new business opportunities to position the company for increased growth and development.

Zabel & Co. is known in the advising industry for its superior guidance in counseling businesses and entrepreneurs to scale sustainably. “We are very excited for Michael to be taking this role in our company. Michael has shown great leadership and professionalism for the past 10 years,” said Todd Zabel, President of Zabel & Co.

Michael Munson is an outstanding advising professional who has devoted himself to helping Zabel & Co. clients develop their businesses and achieve their goals. This partnership agreement exemplifies his dedication to Zabel & Co. and we look forward to him continuing to be an enormous asset to Zabel & Co.’s present and future endeavors.

“Like every other team member at Zabel & Co., I hold dear the core value of helping others. I know listening to their challenges and goals is the best way to help clients excel. Taking on the responsibility of being a partner at Zabel & Co. will help me achieve those goals on a new level,” said Munson. 

Having been at Zabel & Co. for over a decade, Munson has worn multiple hats in handling billing, staff training, management, preparing business returns and financial statements, and reviewing personal tax returns. In all responsibilities Munson has held, he has always demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities that will make him an exceptional partner. 

About Zabel & Co.

Zabel & Co. offers personalized guidance to businesses and entrepreneurs. Armed with over 30 years of industry expertise, their clients get one-to-one support, business counsel, and accountability partners to scale sustainably while building a well-rounded life. Over the years, they’ve served hundreds of businesses. During this time, Zabel & Co. has realized what gets them out of bed in the morning: serving their clients in a way that allows them to dedicate every ounce of their time, knowledge, and passion.

SOURCE: Zabel & Co.