Todd Zabel

Principal, CPA, CITP

For Todd, there’s nothing more fulfilling than having a positive impact for clients. Zabel and Co. offers more than just accounting and tax services; the firm solves problems, providing personalized financial solutions, advisory services, and ERP software, all with the goal of helping businesses take control of their accounting and finances in order to operate efficiently and effectively.

Todd Zabel, CPA, CITP, is the CEO and founder of Zabel & Co., LLC, an accounting, advisory, and technology solutions firm he launched in 2004 with the goal of helping business owners maximize their business and life.

For over three decades, Todd has supported businesses in need of accounting services, first spending 16 years at another firm before buying the group out and then going into business for himself. It was a natural progression to start his own firm after so many years spent serving the needs of clients.

What sets Todd Zabel, and Zabel & Co., apart from other accounting firms is a strong commitment to understanding each client’s goals and ambitions in order to provide the personalized solutions that get them where they want to go.

Todd believes that a heightened sense of empathy not only leads to greater understanding and success, but also provides clients with the peace of mind that they can trust the professionals at Zabel & Co. to operate with their best interests in mind.

After graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN in 1987, Todd went on to gain experience in accounting assistance, accounting systems, tax planning, tax return preparation and consulting, estate planning, and business coaching and consulting.

In the course of his work, Todd learned the value of taking the time to understand clients, provide personalized solutions, and help with current accounting needs and planning for future successes.

His interest in helping others in deeply personal ways also extends to his charitable interests. Todd supports many charities, but his main focus is the MS Society, an interest stemming from his father’s battle with the chronic disease. He has served on a number of non-profit boards. He also enjoyed coaching soccer for 25 years.

Off the clock, Todd prioritizes spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren. He enjoys mountain biking, road cycling, snowmobiling, and other outdoor sports in and around the White Bear Lake area, where he grew up and still lives today.

Todd hopes to be remembered for his honesty and the love he showed those around him, including his family, friends, and clients. By creating Zabel & Co. to generate positive change for every client he serves, he effectively lives up to his ideals each and every day.