Julie Thompson

Client Service Coordinator / Tax Preparer

Open, perceptive, and reliable, Julie epitomizes the Zabel & Co. mission to deliver trusted and personalized financial services tailored to each client’s needs and preferences.

Her kindness and compassion put others at ease, and her knack for understanding expectations makes her well-suited to supporting clients and staff in her dual roles as a Tax Preparer and Client Services Coordinator. Her calm demeanor and caring attitude have made her an invaluable asset to Zabel & Co.

Since 2015, Julie Thompson has proudly served as a Tax Preparer for Zabel & Co., LLC, although her duties have also expanded in her role as Client Services Coordinator.

Julie started her career working in payroll and human resources, after which she spent 20 years working as a self-employed childcare provider. Today, as a member of the Zabel & Co. team, she is responsible for overseeing client relations and supporting staff members as they strive to effectively meet client needs and expectations. She also prepares individual tax returns.

Julie’s past experience helped her to develop key traits – namely compassion and outstanding communication – that contribute to her overall success. Her patience and understanding provide the basis for strong and lasting client relationships. The fact that she is a good listener who remains calm under pressure provides peace of mind. Julie is committed to operating with honesty and integrity to earn the trust of every client.

She is also extremely organized and cognizant of the importance of time management, which allows her to pivot as needed, excel under pressure, prioritize effectively, and meet deadlines. Julie is efficient and accessible, providing support to staff and clients alike and ensuring success in every undertaking.

Julie loves that she feels like a valued member of the Zabel & Co. family, and her passion for her job revolves around building relationships and helping others. These core values extend beyond the parameters of her professional life, as well. She supports several charitable organizations and causes, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Parkinson’s research, and research and cures for immune disorders.

When she’s not at work, Julie can be found spending time with her husband of 35 years, as well as her two adult children and her grandchild. Family and friends are incredibly important to her, and her spare time is filled with both. Julie enjoys walking, shopping, decorating, and sharing coffee and conversation with loved ones.

As a long-time Minnesota resident who grew up in the Twin Cities area, Julie is committed to helping community residents and businesses optimize their accounting practices with customized solutions.